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Mission San Jose High School Boys Tennis Program


Feb 19 vs Castro Valley @ MSJ (rained out)
Feb 23 @ Amador
Feb 25 vs Skyline @ MSJ
Mar 17 vs Miramonte @ MSJ
Mar 31 vs Piedmont @ MSJ



The Piedmont match scheduled for March 31st is being rescheduled to April 21st.

Regular Season Play
March 9 Bye                                                        
March 11 away at American High School              
March 16 host James Logan
March 18 host Irvington       
March 31 Bye                                
March 23 host Kennedy High School                   
March 25 away at Washington High School         
March 29 host Newark Memorial High School 
April 2 host American High School
April 12 away at James Logan
April 14 away at Irvington
April 16 away at Kennedy High School
April 20 host Washington High School
April 22 away at Newark Memorial High School

Matches will be played at the Fremont Tennis Center in Lake Elizabeth Park in Fremont.

Matches Start at 3:45

Divisional and regional playoff: TBD



Mission San Jose High School won the consolation round at the California High School Tennis Classic last Friday and Saturday.

We lost to Santa Barbara, 3-4, in the first round.

Santa Barbara came in third in the tournament.

We beat Laguna Beach 7-0, Palo Alto 5-2 and Monta Vista 4-3.

On Thursday, we shutout American High School, 7-0.